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Privacy Policy

Handling of customer information on this website

Thank you for your visiting the official website of NTT Urban Solutions or (hereinafter referred to "this website"). This website is managed and operated by NTT Urban Solutions (hereinafter referred to "the Company").

This website is operated as a service to provide customers with information. If customers use this website, we may ask for personal information on some parts of the site (such as the inquiry form and questionnaire).

The requested information is primarily that required to provide services, such as the name, email address, telephone number and address of customers. We may also ask about other information, but most of it is optional for customers, excluding the minimum necessary items, and customers may provide them on a voluntary basis. We shall not alter the requested information without the consent of customers.

Note that requested information may be provided to a third party, depending on the type of service on this website (for example, the name and address of customers may be provided to a company to which we outsource deliveries and other services).

If the provider of information requests the disclosure of their personal information, we shall disclose the requested personal information. The Company may revise the above policies. In that case, we shall provide notification of all revisions on this website.


On this website, we use cookies on some pages to increase the convenience of customers, but we do not aim to obtain any personal information and cookies will not have a negative impact on computers.

It is also possible to reject cookies by configuring the web-browsing software (browser), but even in such case, this does not pose any problem for viewing this website.

For information on changing the setting of your browser, refer to the manufacturer.