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Formulation of the NTT Urban Solutions Group Medium-Term Vision

NTT Urban Solutions, Inc. (a preparation company) (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and Chief Executive Officer: Hiroshi Nakagawa; hereinafter the "Company") announces that it has formulated the "NTT Urban Solutions Group Medium-Term Vision Road to 2030: Aiming to Become a Urban Solutions Partner That Would be Chosen and Trusted by the Regional Community ." that will begin in fiscal 2019 toward the realization of future urban solutions by which local communities with distinctive individuality will play a leading role.

The content of the Medium-Term Vision is as follows. Refer to the attachment for details.

  1. Background of formulation and the direction of initiatives

    Issues facing cities are becoming more complex, such as the declining population with the falling birthrate, the advancement of the aging society, intensifying competition among cities, the urgency of major disasters and global environmental issues. However, technical innovations in areas such as ICT are expected to lead to solutions for complicated social issues.

    Based on such an environmental recognition, the Company will work to solve regional issues and provide support to people in communities for their sought-after urban solutions as a contact for the NTT Group's urban solutions business by building a partnership with municipalities, government agencies and companies, and taking advantage of the NTT Group's resources, such as real estate, information and communications technologies (ICT) and energy as well as its know-how.

  2. Key initiatives in the urban solutions business of the NTT Group

    • - Utilization of assets owned by the NTT Group

      The Company will develop urban solutions, taking full advantage of the NTT Group's resources, such as telephone stations throughout the country, by facilitating cooperation with the sales bases of the NTT Group and building a partnership with companies.

    • - Global development of urban solutions

      The Company will work to create the advanced cases of problem solving in cooperation with the global business of the NTT Group and in collaboration with overseas local partners.

    • - Diversification of assets and solutions

      The Company will provide solutions using its diverse assets such as shared offices, houses where multiple generations live together and hotels, as well as ICT and energy.

    • - Strengthening of management services

      The Company will support sustainable local communities by strengthening management services such as area management and facility management.

Based on the newly formulated Medium-Term Vision, the Company will aim to become a leading company in the urban solutions business that will contribute to solving local issues and realizing local communities with distinctive individuality by working together with its subsidiaries NTT Urban Development Corporation and NTT FACILITIES, INC., and combining ICT and energy with the existing real estate development business as a partner for people in communities with urban solutions.

NTT Urban Solutions Group Medium-Term Vision Road to 2030
- Striving to be the trusted first choice of regional communities as an urban development partner -pdf

Contact Asami and Kobari in charge of public relations, 03-6381-1150