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Copyright Information

Ownership of copyrights and information

The reproduction of information and copyrights provided on this website shall be prohibited except for non-commercial purposes and private use. However, alteration of the content and the deletion of any indication of copyrights shall not be allowed under any circumstances.

If there is a specific owner or copyright holder of individual information or copyright on this website and if there is an indication of authorization or prohibition of reproduction, the indication must be followed.

Guarantee of information

Information provided on this website may be changed without notice. We shall make no guarantees about the content of information provided on this website, unless otherwise stated. If you wish to use the information on this website, contact the office above. However, even if formal permission is obtained from the Company, we shall not allow the information to be used in a way that could cause misunderstanding for users.

Licensing and prohibited matters of individual copyrights

We are licensed for the use of certain figures, photos, information and works provided on this website by their respective portrait right holders, owners and copyright holders solely for use on this website. The use of these works for reproduction and translation shall be prohibited without the authorization of the right holders themselves based on the contracts with the portrait right holders, owners and copyright holders, except in exceptional usable cases.

Responsibility for information on other sites

We shall make no guarantees about information on other sites liked from this website and information on other sites posted on this website. Therefore, we shall not be liable for damages of any kind whatsoever arising from the use of these sites.