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City Planning Vision

Urban solutions (values of urban solutions)--the aim of NTT Urban Solutions

For the purpose of providing urban solutions to realize a city full of energy and individuality with the following four values, by satisfying both the economic development of local communities and the resolution of their social challenges, we will contribute to the realization of SDGs and Society 5.0, which is a society aligned with human needs where people can enjoy comfortable, energetic and high-quality lives.


Providing attractive space and contents for urban solutions for an energetic city full of individuality

  • Creation of lively scenes by area/town management
  • Commercial properties that enrich people's lives
  • Hotels that hold memories of the city for visitors
  • Renovation that carries on the local history and culture
  • Residential properties that enable multi-generational co-housing


By utilizing leading-edge technologies, contributing to solving the challenges of cities, creating new industries, and improving the productivity of companies.

  • Creative offices that evoke creativity from workers
  • Next-generation intelligent buildings
  • Office facility management that facilitates communication
  • Workplace that fosters open innovation
  • Fields for test marketing and demonstration experiments


Creating an urban environment that remains present for the diverse lifestyles of people who gather, work and live in a city.

  • ICT infrastructure that allows telework
  • Child-rearing support facilities such as daycare centers
  • Personal mobility vehicles
  • Health management through wearable devices
  • New workplace that realizes diverse workstyles


Creating a city prepared for disasters, which reduces the environmental burden, where people can live with peace of mind.

  • ZEB of office buildings and the adoption of ZEH in general/apartment houses
  • Energy saving and de-carbonization by utilizing human flow information
  • Provision of efficient energy
  • Buildings and facilities equipped with leading-edge solutions
  • Optimum control of energy resources in an emergency


Strengths and Key Initiatives of NTT Urban Solutions

We will support urban solutions that people in the community aim for with initiatives that take full advantage of the strengths and characteristics of NTT Urban Solutions to realize its values.


  • Promoting collaboration in urban solutions with municipalities, governments and companies in cooperation with business activities of the NTT Group.
  • Taking full advantages of the NTT Group's real estate, ICT, engineering and other assets.
  • Realizing urban solutions which are the aim of each city and community, by capitalizing on community individuality, such as history and culture.

Key Initiatives

More broadly
Utilization of the Group's assets
Global development of urban solutions
More diversely
Diversification of assets and solutions
Strengthening of management services

We will provide solutions using ICT, energy and diverse assets that will help solve challenges in the community.


Landmark of the city utilizing a historic building

(shared office)

Generating innovation by proposing new workstyles and lifestyles

(The 30th Nikkei New Office Award)

Comfortable new workplace utilizing IoT and sensing technology

We will support sustainable local communities by providing a range of management services.

(area management)

Fostering civic pride by creating lively scenes utilizing ICT

Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary

Contributing to urban solutions through the development and renewal of social infrastructure such as PFI.

Head Office of the Bank of Yokohama
(the 13th JFMA Award)

Long-term use of the building, utilizing facility management

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