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Message from the President


Having entered a new era, the cities where we live are facing a range of social challenges, including the sharp decrease in population and the aging population combined with the declining birthrate, competition among cities, the growing risk of major natural disasters and global environmental issues.

Founded on the DNA of the NTT Group, which has supported Japan's elaborate communication infrastructure, NTT Urban Solutions will take full advantage of the Group's ICT, real estate, energy and other assets to confront a variety of challenges facing local communities and become a partner for their urban solutions.

A city full of individuality and charm (community), where anyone can enjoy an active life (diversity) through the creation of new industries (innovation) and an earth-conscious attitude, resilient to disasters (resilience). With these four values as the key axis, we will contribute to the realization of your envisioned city.

NTT Urban Solutions, Inc.

中川 裕