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Message from the President


NTT Urban Solutions Inc.(hereafter, NTT US) began operating in July 2019 together with NTT Urban Development Corporation and NTT Facilities Inc., with the mission of providing urban solutions by addressing the diverse challenges faced by communities and making full use of the NTT Group's resources, including ICT, real estate, energy, and environmental technologies.

NTT Group has developed its medium-term management strategy, Your Value Partner 2025, under which it promotes digital transformations with the goal of building a safe, secure, and affluent society that integrates people, society, and the environment. At NTT US, we play a part in the efforts to achieve this and promote new urban solutions (the digitalization of cities) beyond conventional real estate development, thereby pushing forward the development of smart cities and sustainable society (the promotion of the SDGs).

We live in an era with great challenges, such as global population growth, the aging populations in developed countries, the increasing seriousness of food and environmental problems, and natural disasters on a growing scale. In addition, we are now facing an unprecedented pandemic caused by an unknown virus. A great transformation is required of all societies and economies.

While society seeks a "New Normal" to achieve great change, we support the unique future planning of each city by attaching importance to the ties with local communities that the NTT Group has developed over many years, as well as to its four values: community, diversity, innovation, and resilience. In this way, we contribute to building a society that is secure and safe for everyone and that will bring smiles to the children of the future.

Hiroshi Nakagawa
President and Chief Executive Officer
NTT Urban Solutions, Inc.

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